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Dr. Marilyn Pattison


Dr. Marilyn Pattison is the Managing Director of MPOT/Access Fitness, a leading provider of health services in South Australia 

She speaks about:  "Technology vs Rehabilitation – Finding the Balance"

She is the founder and Director of Rehabilitation at Access Fitness, a Day Rehabilitation Hospital and fully accessible gym and the President of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT).

Marilyn, as well as her occupational therapy qualification also has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) which has enabled her to deliver high quality health services within a commercial environment. Internationally, Marilyn is recognised as an expert in Workplace Health, Rehabilitation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship and since 1998, has been regularly invited as a guest speaker internationally as well as having contributed to a range of contributions.

Marilyn has been recognised by the occupational therapy profession in Australia and internationally. She has been awarded the OT Australia National Award for her contribution to her professional association as well as the Sylvia Docker Lectureship for her contribution to the profession. Internationally Marilyn has been made an Honorary Member of the Swedish Occupational Therapy Association and an Honorary Fellow of WFOT, the highest international honour an occupational therapist can receive.

Marilyn continues to be a strong advocate for the rights of all people with a disability or injury to live the life they want to live safely and with dignity. She believes passionately in occupational therapy and the unique contribution it can make in how all people with and without disabilities live their lives.

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