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Meeting Report

The AIRS China Rehabilitation Enabler and Facilitator International Meeting held at Jacksonhole China from 20th to 22nd April became doubtless a big success and started a new process of innovation for the rehabilitation reform in China in general in and the sports medicine sector in particular. Under the auspices of Orenda founder Xiang Shui 180 experts from East and West, 48 highly reputable speakers and all leaders in their respective field have come together for an intensive knowledge exchange with lectures, workshops and symposiums. The delegates from China were coming from several rehabilitation related industries (MTT equipment and training, investors, rehabilitation companies and hospitals). Around 30% of the delegates were selected by SRIB, the newly founded association for the sports rehabilitation and sports implementation.

Apply for a downloading code of the ppt´s presented at the conference by requesting from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prof. Li Jianan, the internationally acknowledged leader of the rehabilitation-intelligence in China and beyond, acted as the scientific president of the meeting.

Prof. Li Ling being the core advisor for the Health China reform 2030 – the official vision launched by the Chinese government - represented the essentials of a future healthy China and how the way towards it shall be paved.

Prof. Wang Longde supported the meeting and encouraged the delegates by his speech about health with his authority as a leading academician in the country and based on his experience as former Vice Minister of Health.

AIRS signed at the event two strategic cooperation with SRIB for the general development of rehabilitation and sports medicine in China and with the Guiyang Cardio Rehabilitation TCM Clinic a long term development project for a Sino-Western Standard in Cardiac Rehabilitation.

At the dinner event the first edition in Chinese language of the sports.doctors magazine from Germany was launched to the public – now coming as a quarterly issue. This is a big step forward to promote sports medicine in China and network the international professionals which are working on the international success of Chinese athletes. Read the full story.

The press response was enormously positive and 26 representatives of the leading health and public health sector were sending their prime selection of journalist. The highlighted and focus topics were attracting great interest:

  • The motoric and immune system and new advanced rehabilitation strategies for adults and children with rare neurologic disease (KidsFirst: get out of the wheelchairs).
  • The challenges and opportunities for rehabilitation in China (sports rehabilitation, sports as health prevention and sports groups dedicated for rehabilitation purposes)
  • Comparison and introduction of international rehabilitation standards, implementation projects and implementation outlook reports
  • The concept of Healthy Ageing Villages as it is practiced already by Orenda Tribe in Jacksonhole, as it is conceptualized for Europe (Poland, Crete, Hungary) and for new projects for the Sorehsa rehabilitation city in the middle of the Olympic region 2022 Haituo, China.
  • Health Education and patient literacy, medical professional education and postgraduate qualification to enable the health system in China to control future disease burdens due to the ageing of its society and the already existing risk factor load.
  • Sports Science, sports medicine and hands on pragmatic concepts for sports injuries dealing with high performance athletes were delivering utmost valuable insights to the professional audience.
  • Sleep quality is one often neglected and half-heartedly managed factor for rehabilitation – representing 1/3 of the whole recovery time (!). Future rehabilitation standards would profit substantially by an interdisciplinary integration of rehabilitation optimized sleep management standard.
  • The vision of integrated holistic (!) care with the help of highly advanced and integrated web-based telemedicine and medical professional avatars was presented in a revolutionary concept which bundled already great attention in Germany last year.
  • Innovative virtual worlds treatment procedures in stroke rehabilitation are promising advanced outcomes and better life quality when in use for long term.

The symposiums and the workshops provided the audience with hands on pragmatic knowledge about next steps for the rehabilitation and sports initiative, prevention and healthy ageing lifestyle implementation projects in China.

Proceedings and conclusions: the summary will soon come here to help us to next steps. We call the project: Rehabilitation, Sports and Elderly Services Integration and Implementation China 2030.

You find all topics here:

Find all speaker personalities here:

AIRS thanks SRIB, Prof. Li Jianan, Orenda and Sorehsa for all their dedicated support, scientific and  contributions for the event execution.

Save the next dates:    3rd Orenda Psychosomatic Medicine Summit at 12th to 14th October 2018.

Next AIRS Meeting:  26th to 28th of April, 2019

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