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  • challenge

    According to a paper of Price Waterhouse & Cooper and according to our intimate knowledge of the markets (our supporter Sorehsa and its subsidiaries are present in the market since more than 10 years) the demand for rehabilitation services is ten time higher than the current supply.

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    The Meeting has the character of an exclusive retreat and is the first of its kind. In 2017 AIRS opened an office in the Museum of Psychosomatic Museum and co-organized successfully with Orenda the 2nd Psychosomatic Medicine International Summit in October 2017.

  • enablers

    Due to the intimate nature of discussions and networking planned we are limited to host 200 Enabler and Facilitator from West and China. Due to several reasons the majority of delegates is from China. We could not resist the high and gwowing interest of domestic stakeholders and decision makers while we needed to deal with the fact, that the West is at the moment a bit reluctant for engagements in China. 

  • backgrund

    AIRS – established and registered in 2016 in Switzerland – was brought to China by Sorehsa in order to support the rehabilitation rollout initiative with expert and scientific coaching in relation to standards.

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