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The place

The Orenda Village is 104 km far from Beijing Airport in the North. In this little Village called Jackson Hole the Psychosomatic Medicine Museum is located next to the main Venue Location, the Orenda Teton Hotel. The two places host the Summit event.

Orenda Teton Hotel

The hotel is a five star category hotel with all luxury amenities. With a capacity of 300 rooms, outdoor swimming pool, fast WLAN and comfortable lounges the hotel makes your stay a special and comfortable experience.

A plenary hall can take up to 150 participants and workshop and meeting rooms host up to 50 guests.

Museum for Psychosomatic Medicine at Orenda Village, Yenqing, Beijing, China

The museum hosts an exposition, a Chinese tea house, Tai Chi Center, MTT Center, an international doctors office, workshop and meeting rooms, a yoga and

The Orenda Village

The village offers a tasteful pedestrian area, where you can find a wine museum, the Orenda club lounge, the Freedom bar, an amphi theatre and various shops and attractions. Orenda village has a theatre and a church to visit. It is a perfect place for relax and leisure.

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