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The Meeting

The Meeting has the character of an exclusive retreat and is the first of its kind. In 2017 AIRS opened an office in the Museum of Psychosomatic Museum and co-organized successfully with Orenda the 2nd Psychosomatic Medicine International Summit in October 2017.

The upcoming meeting in April is headed and organized by AIRS and aims at bringing Western Enablers in Rehabilitation on a selected basis together with Eastern (China) Facilitators to enter the huge and emerging rehabilitation sector in China on a first choice basis.

The AIRS institute has drawn together a scientific committee which includes from the Eastern part all three main stakeholders and political gate keepers for the Chinese rehabilitation who support the event with their associations and roles as president, advisors and speakers. With the help of their facilitation we can open the doors for selected providers from the West to help the rollout of rehabilitation solutions for China for the upcoming 10 years.

As an enabler China will welcome your application.

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