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According to a paper of Price Waterhouse & Cooper and according to our intimate knowledge of the markets (our supporter Sorehsa and its subsidiaries are present in the market since more than 10 years) the demand for rehabilitation services is ten time higher than the current supply.

This problem gets accentuated by the fact that the demography of China is following that one of Western countries reaching the same pattern we have today by only 20 years later. So the demand will even increase year by year. The political level is fully aware and prepared to take action. More and more healthcare facilities are granted governmental funds to start rehabilitation expansions.

Further the need to establish outpatient rehabilitation clinics is increasing. A careful analysis of location and cooperation partners is yet mandatory. Without a Chinese partner no provider from the West would be able to deliver his services – be it equipment, software or education and knowledge.

The 1st AIRS Meeting is the first get together on a high domestic decision maker and influencer level to initiate developments for a rehabilitation rollout for China.

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