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AIRS – established and registered in 2016 in Switzerland – was brought to China by Sorehsa in order to support the rehabilitation rollout initiative with expert and scientific coaching in relation to standards.

The new rehabilitation initiative needs standards for three reasons:

It is in this moment the right time for anyone who wants to enter the large Chinese market and wants to offer advanced rehabilitation solutions.

AIRS turns the table by which the East West exchange for building holistic rehabilitation standards and knowledge exchange is fueled. The scope does not end with rehabilitation of classic post-disease conditions: supporting the vision of Orenda for optimizing health conditions, prevention and self-management for a quality of life, our search for standards reaches much farer. It includes standardization of healthy (ageing) villages all over the world. Especially the field of standardizing holistic medicine approaches requires an intensive dialogue among experts which is brought to all AIRS events and workshops.

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