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China Association of Health Promotion and Education (CAHPE) has founded the SRIB: "Sport and Rehabilitation Industry Branch" which serves as a leading association for the promotion and development of a major sports initiative in China.

Both associations will send relevant stakeholders and influencers for their respective sectors coming as speakers and delegates.


In founding the Sport and Rehabilitation Industry Branch (SRIB), the CAHPE uses “integration of sports and medicine” as a focus, and modern rehabilitation healthcare as the target market, through in-depth experience + events and other ways, to deeply connect with relevant departments of general medical institutes, rehabilitation hospitals, chronic disease patients, and relevant manufacturers.

By holding a series of in-depth and experiential events, we have integrated many entrepreneurs, responsible persons of medical institutions, specialists in medicine and pharmacy, experts in sports medicine, famous scholars, and government officials in relevant departments into our cause. They are solid resource for the sustainable development of the SRIB.

The Chairman of the SRIB is Prof. Li Jianan,
President of the AIRS Meeting 2018.

He is the former Chairman of ISPRM (International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine), International Academician of United States National Academy of Medicine, Chairman of WHO-ISPRM Disaster Rehabilitation Committee (DRC), Former Standing Vice Chairman and Secretary– General of China Association of Rehabilitation Medicine (CARM), Vice Director- General of China Association for Disability and Rehabilitation, Chairman of Jiangsu Rehabilitation Association; he is now the Director of Rehabilitation Medicine Center of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital, Dean of Rehabilitation Medicine College in Nanjing Medical University, Chairman of Rehabilitation Popular Science Committee of CARM, Chief Editor of China Rehabilitation Medicine Magazine.

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