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The AIRS Meeting offers the opportunity for networking with the following stakeholders and delegate groups:

   - Orenda
   - Li Jianan and SRIB
   - Sorehsa

You will have the chance to meet:

  • Chinese rehabilitation stakeholders, authorities, governmental institutions
  • Rehabilitation Medical Associations
  • Domestic hospitals and clinics
  • The medical academia of the country
  • Potential buyers and investors

Three lounges will be set up to have meetings in a relaxed atmosphere. What you need to do is to contact the respective lounge manager during the event. We will publish their contacts in the conference brochure.

AIRS Lounge


Walking Event LogoWalking Event

Initiated by Prof. Li Jianan and SRIB there will be a Walking Event on the 19th afternoon, starting at 3 pm in front of the Museum for Psychosomatic Medicine. It will take us for 2 hours through Orenda Village Jacksonhole to a monastery in the hills and back. This is a warming up and good start to learn about each other. We expect 70 plus participants.

Download the Walking Event Info here.


Welcome Reception

At 7 pm the delegates who arrived at this point of time are invited to a Welcome Reception taking place on the 3rd floor of the Museum for Psychosomatic Medicine. After a welcome speech of Liu Xiangyang, Owner of Orenda we get together informally in the Welcome Hall of the Museum. Drinks (soft, wine and beer) and small food from buffet is offered. Interpreters are around and help for the conversations.

AIRS Welcome Reception


News of the Week

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