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Prof. Lee Hao-Chieh



Professor and Dean of the College of Health Tech, Jilin Sports University;
Professor, Southwest Medical University; 

His presentation: The Dual Dimensions of Sport Rehabilitation: Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology


Member of the Steering Committee of Experts on Professional Skills Appraisal of the sports industry, General Administration of Sport of China
Member of The Sports Medicine Branch, Physical Training Branch And Continuing Education Committee of The China Sport Science Society;
Standing Committee of Sports Protection Specialist Committee of Sports Medicine Branch;
Member of Medical Supervision Group of Sports Medical Branch, Chinese Medical Association;
Standing Member of The Sports Health And Rehabilitation Professional Committee, Chinese Association Of Rehabilitation Medicine;
Executive Director of Sports Injury Branch, China Association for Disaster & Emergency Rescue Medicine(CADERM);
Member of Orthosis And Limb Function Reconstruction Group, China Association of Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (CARDP);
Member of the Education And Research Committee, World Federation of Athletic Training & Therapy;
Legal representative of Global Chinese. Association for Sport Management.

Past positions: 

Vice dean of College Sports Economics And Management, Central University of Finance and Economics;
Dean of studies, Guangdong Vocational Institute of Sports;
Deputy GM of Shanghai Weiyang Trading Co., Ltd;
General Manager of Beijing Chenghong Xingye Medical Investment Co., Ltd;
Fitness Instructor, Taipei Ivy Fitness Club;
Head Athletic Trainer, Zhongqi Dalin Rehabilitation Clinic;
Head Athletic Trainer, Taoyuan Armed Forces General Hospital;
Deputy Secretary General of Taiwan Sports Training Society;
Deputy director, Asian Association for Sport Manangment.

Professor Li is the editor-in-chief of “Sports Training”, “Sports Prevention”, “Sports Injury Prevention and First Aid”, and other national planning textbooks for the twelfth five - year plan assigned by Ministry of Education and State General Administration of Sports.
As the fourth author, he participated in the declaration and formulation of “the National Professional Standards For Sports Agents”. He completed the philosophy and social science project of the state sports general administration of China "" Sports Protection Division National Professional Standard Planning Research"", finished “Research On National Professional Standard Planning Of Sports Training”. He took part in the working of occupational classification and Specialty Catalogue, specialized in the subject of sport training. He is also the editor in chief of the sports training section of the sports medicine discipline in the “Sports Science Discipline Development Report 2014 - 2015.”

He was the member of rehabilitation expert team of General Administration of Sport of China in preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympic games and received a letter of thanks from the Chinese Olympic Committee. He was also the athletic trainer of Xian Dongmei and other outstanding athletes, and involved in several national and provincial sports training projects.

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