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Prof. Liang cheng-hsien


Medical Advisor of Sorehsa Village from Taiwan Zhangji Medial Group

He speaks in Workshop H about: "The Sorehsa Rehabilitation Villas and Medical Wellness City of Orenda"

He is also Panelist Day 3: "Healthy Ageing and Urbanisation"

Taiwan Changhua Christian Group(4000 bed), International Medical Deputy CEO
1. Establishing the rehabilitation medical industry in China
2. Complete the integration of rehabilitation medical teaching

 Vice President of Taiwan Strait Medical Affairs Exchange Association
1. Establishing the exchange mechanism of young physicians across the strait
2. Establish cooperation and training base of rehabilitation medical

 Chief advisor of Taiwan Rehabilitation and Care Technology Exchange Association (incumbent)
1.Cross-border integration centers, Care of rehabilitation

 Director of Blood branch of China National Medicine Society (current)
1.Promoting the introduction of subacute rehabilitation techniques for blood related disease syndrome

 Secretary General of China Cross-Strait Health Exchange Association(2014~2016)
1. Promoting the exchange of health and insurance institutions across the Taiwan Strait
2. Establishing the green channel of cross-Strait medical service and the third party payment mechanism

 Taiwan Show-Chuan Medical Group(4500 bed )Executive director in Mainland China (2010~2015)
1. Exchange affairs in the mainland china
2. Kun-San Hospital Preparation(1000 beds)

 ho-June Consulting Group of pension fund industry Rehabilitation Medical Consultant
1. Assessment of Rehabilitation Hospital feasibility

 Member of Taiwan Institute of Hospital Management

 CEO of the Singapore Central Medical Group Management Center,
1. Establishing the management standardization for chains hospital
2. Organizing the group's Management Center for stock listing

 General manager of Jia-de Rehabilitation group
Establishment of rehabilitation medical interlocking management Group
 Lecturer of Chiana Science and Technology University, China Medical College, Yi Shou University(2000~2009)
 Director of Gong-shan Hospital Management Center (2004)
 Gong-shan Hospital Rehabilitation Director
 Director of Kaohsiung County Association for Child Development(2001~2004)
 permanent director of the visual impairment Association (Serving), Kaohsiung County
 General Advisor of Kaohsiung County Spinal Cord Injury Association(Serving)
 Kaohsiung County, executive director of the Society of Physical Therapists(2008~2011)

 Doctor of Traditional Chinese and western medicine, Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine(2006)
 Master of Health management, St. Louis University, USA(2002)
 Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Zhong-shan Medical University(1992)

 Rehabilitation medicine (Orthopaedics, Neurology,Pediatrics) Training for evaluation of P&O Preventive medicine
 Medical Management (organization, cost analysis, process)
 Leadership training Program

Work content :
1.BusinessStrategy analysis, Planning and implementation
2.Operation and Integration
3. business investment operation
4.Budget management, project management, policy management, performance management. Financial management
5. Marketing: Marketing strategy.


1.The rehabilitation seting and development operation guide line.
2. IEQ study of seasonal changes and medical institutes.
3. particles of chronic aplastic anemia in patients with clinical and integrin VLA family adhesion molecules.
4. Bone marrow in patients with chronic aplastic anemia Nf-kb/p65 ,The effect of expression[Journal Papers]
5 Bone marrow mononuclear cells in patients with chronic aplastic impairment MEK, The effect of expression
[Journal Papers] "Chinese Medicine Information"ISTIC-2011”
6 Bone marrow in patients with chronic aplastic anemia AKT, The effect of phosphorylation level(Be referenced 2 )
7 Bone marrow in patients with chronic aplastic anemia FAKE and FAK, The effect of phosphorylation level(Be referenced 1 )
8 Bone marrow in patients with chronic aplastic anemia treated by tonifying kidney and blood ERK,The effect of signaling pathway related protein expression(Be referenced 1 )

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