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Chairman Liu Xiangyang


Founder of the Orenda Tribe (Also known as XIANG shui)

Chairman LIU Xiangyang, founder of the Orenda Tribe; founder of the Psychosomatic Medicine Museum; founder of the Boai Charity Fund; Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Joy International Holdings Group; Vice president of Yanhuang Culture Research Association; Ambassador of the Chinese Tai Chi Culture; Practitioner, ambassador and operator of the Psychosomatic Health Model.

He opens the conference with: "The Bigger Health Vision"

Further he acts as a panelist on Day: "Healthy Ageing and Urbanisation"

Mr. Xiang Shui was once a lawyer and teacher. Eventually he chose to be an entrepreneur. Engaged in the study of Oriental philosophy and Western psychology for more than ten years, he independently created the ‘Xiang Shui Happiness System’ that is tailored for Chinese people and runs free courses in China to spread out this unique theory of happiness.

Over the years, Liu has always had a dream. He wants to establish a business model that brings happiness to people’s life. Orenda tribe is just the brand that carries Liu’s dream. As an entrepreneur, a person who studies and pursues happiness, economic benefits are not his goals now, his ultimate goal is to run well the utopia-like ‘Orenda Tribe’. Put it in his own words, "I am over 50, the accumulation of wealth seem not to be so important to me, my biggest dream for the rest of my life is to create value for the society and spreads happiness to more people. Orenda tribe carries my dream.”

"In my life, I have been using psychosomatic health theories and practices and benefited a lot, I hope that more people could understand and use psychosomatic medicine, becoming the most reliable doctor for themselves," said Xiang Shui (Mr. Liu Xiangyang).

He has brought in the world's prestigious holistic center ---- Canadian Haven Institute and founded "China Haiwen" in Shenzhen. As a shareholder of Sorehsa AG, he has introduced MTT (Medical Training Therapy) and AIRS (Institute for the Advancement of International Rehabilitation Standards) into China. He also built the world's first "Psychosomatic Health (Medical) Museum", which integrates world-class psychosomatic medical service systems, opening a new chapter for the whole mankind’s future of health and happiness.

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