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Laila Aljassmi


Founder & CEO of Health Beyond Borders in Dubai. Health Beyond Borders is a bespoke Dubai based health care advisory firm focused on the following services; Healthcare Strategy and Research, Health Investment Facilitation, Healthcare Marketing and Business Development in UAE, Medical Tourism Consulting and Facilitation, Training and Workshops. 
Prior to this Laila was the CEO of Health Policy and Strategy sector at Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Laila will give a presentation about: "Rehabilitation Concepts and Progress, Standards and developments in the Middle East"

HBB can help your business navigate through the challenges and leverage the opportunities and bring considerable economic benefit in a sustainable and effective manner.

Prior to her current activity Laila was the CEO of Health Policy and Strategy sector at Dubai Health Authority (DHA). She was responsible for the development of the policy and legislation for the health system in the Emirate of Dubai driven from Dubai Strategic Plan (DSP). Overseeing the implementation of the DHA Health strategy and conducting sector planning and forecasting. This to assure that Dubai develops a world class health system, high quality Public Health and healthcare service provision. She has extensive knowledge of the healthcare systems, Health reforms, strategic direction, planning and delivery of healthcare services. She was leading the process of Dubai health reform that took place in 2007 and changes the structure and the role of Department of Health & Medical Services to Dubai Health Authority.
Laila has leaded the Dubai medical tourism initiative which was started in 2012 to place Dubai in the world health tourism map. Laila is a graduate from the College of Allied Health Science and Nursing in Kuwait University and in2007 secured her Masters in Executive Healthcare Administration from Zayed University with honorary. Also she is a graduate of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Executive leadership program 2013, and the Sheikh Rashid Award for Scientific Outstanding (2008). She was also awarded the Feigenbaum Excellence Leadership Award for " Women's leaders" 2011. Recently she is been awarded as one of the 50of “GCC Women leaders” by World CSR Day & World Sustainability for 2016. Laila also been awarded as one of the 50 Women in Health Care & Wellness by CSR,2016-2017 in Mumbai, and also awarded one of the World's Greatest Women Achievers 2016-17 by URS Asia One.

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