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Dr. Iris Brunner


PhD, Prof.assoc.cUniversity of Aarhus, Denmark
Hammel Neurocenter

She speaks about two topics:
"Virtual Reality Rehabilitation for upper Limb Impairment after Stroke" and "Enriched Environments to Increase Activity during Stroke Rehabilitation"  


Dr. Brunner is currently appointed as associate professor at the University of Aarhus / Hammel Neurocenter in Denmark.
Main areas of interest: Upper limb motor recovery after stroke, technology-assisted rehabilitation and life after stroke. As a physiotherapist, specialized in neurological physiotherapy, she has been working within neurorehabilitation for many years in acute and rehabilitation settings. She obtained a PhD from the University of Bergen, Norway with studies on treatment for upper limb impairment and cortical reorganization after stroke. Recent projects: VIRTUES (Virtual reality training for upper extremity in sub-acute stroke) trial.

In this multicenter study, VR training was compared to a conventional control intervention. Current projects involve optimizing restitution periods in severely impaired patients with disorders of consciousness, the implementation of prediction algorithms for upper limb motor function and enriched environments in neurorehabilitation. Another key interest is knowledge transfer from research to clinical practice, which resulted in the organization of the first Nordic Summer School for Neurorehabilitation.

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