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Prof. Wang Jian


Prof. Wang Jian, Doctor of Technical Science, Director of Sports Science and Technology Research Institute of Zhejiang University, Professor of Psychological Science Research Center of Zhejiang University.

Prof. Wang will give a workshop about "Sports Medicine in China". His lecture topic is: "Live is to Move. The Chinese Way of Exercise"

He is now the Director of Chinese Human Ergonomics Association and Deputy Director of Biomechanics Professional Committee, Director of the China HealthCare Association and Association Chairman of Healthy Textile Branch, Deputy Director of HealthCare Industry Professional Committee of China International Exchange and Promotion Association for Medical and HealthCare, Standing Committee Member of Intelligent Rehabilitation Technology Committee of China Association of Rehabilitation Technology Transformation & Promotion (CARTTP), Vice Chairman of Robot Sports Alliance of the Education Ministry, Member of Engineering Psychology Professional Committee of Chinese Psychological Society, Member of Sports Physiology Professional Committee of Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences (CAPS), Member of Rehabilitation Engineering Professional Committee of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, Director of Interaction Design Professional Committee of Zhejiang Province Industrial Design Association, and Chief Expert of Chair Industry Cluster for the Transformation and Upgradation of Zhejiang Province Regional Characteristic Economy.

He is dedicated to the scientific research of human factors and ergonomics, human factor design, and kinesiology. He takes the lead in many nation-level scientific and research projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation, National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program), National Science and Technology Supporting Plan and so on. He also is responsible for the design and manufacturing of astronauts’ micro-gravity kinematic restraint device for the Tiangong-1 Spaceship, Tiangong-2 spaceship and space station tasks. He published more than ten works including “the Clinical Application of Superficial Muscle Electricity Diagnostic Technology”, “Healthy Chairs”, “Health Education” and they were listed as National Important Books. He also published more than 120 papers in domestic and overseas journals, was granted over 30 patents, and was rewarded 4 times at provincial level. In 2016, he was given the name of “Zhejiang Provincial Excellent Teachers & Excellent Teachers in Universities”.

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