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Hans van Dijk MSc


Founder of AMEHR Consultancy Policy, Management and Organization of (e-)Rehabilitation
Former CEO of Rijndam Revalidatie, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

The title of his speech: "How to Assess and Evaluate Standards of Rehabilitation from an International Perspective"

Hans van Dijk (Master Degree in Political Science) is a senior consultant in policy, management and organization of rehabilitation and elderly Care.
In the nineties of last century he was involved in a Dutch national project to redesign the system of education of nurses and caregivers.
Since 1998 he was CEO of one of the leading rehabilitation centres in the Netherlands, with related positions as chairman of the Association of Hospitals in Greater Rotterdam and Member of the Board of the Dutch Union of Hospitals.
In 2010 he launched is consultancy firm named AMEHR as a spider in a web of companies, knowledge institutes, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, professional associations and more.
With AMEHR he started activities in China, where he advised the Ministry of Health of China and the Chinese Federation for Disabled Persons on guidelines for rehabilitation centres and hospital departments. As consultant he was involved in many projects all over China. He introduced Dutch companies and institutes to his network in rehabilitation and elderly care in China. He is organiser of study visits for Municipal and District Health Bureaus to the Netherlands to teach them in depth about rehabilitation and elderly care.
Currently he is involved in a feasibility study to start Sino-Dutch outpatient rehabilitation clinics in China.
In the Russian Federation he is consultant in a project to upgrade rehabilitation facilities in the Republic of Tatarstan.
In the Netherlands he is chairman of a foundation to promote evidence based geriatric care. Furthermore he is project director e-Health for a consortium of rehabilitation centres.
Hans van Dijk is married to a Chinese; they live in Leiderdorp with their two sons. His marathon best time is 3 hours and 36 minutes.

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