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SRIB - founding ceremony of Sports and Rehabilitation Industry


SRIB – A Creative Branch of CAHPE, a Cooperation Partner of AIRS, had on the 18th of January in 2018 the founding ceremony of Sports and Rehabilitation Industry Branch of Chinese Association of Health Promotion and Education in Beijing. AIRS was invited.

The Secretary General of SRIB, Dr. Zhao Kun, warmly welcomed all the guests, its Chairman Prof. Li Jianan, the Chairman of CAHPE Prof. Huang Zemin, members of its expert team like Dr. Han Jingsheng. Other members of its standing committee gave speeches related to SRIB’s mission and tasks, their expectations to its future development. Prof. Li Jianan, also a member of Scientific committee of AIRS, said that SRIB will focus on the following several tasks:

  1. Academic exchange and communication under scientific principles;
  2. Standardization in integration of health and sport, food for sports, protection and first-aid standards, wearable devices;
  3. Development of new business model and professions (such as the integration of rehabilitation with senior care);
  4. Science popularization: to promote the awareness of sports and rehabilitation;
  5. Training professionals and people working in the new professions mentioned above;
  6. Building expert teams in different specialties.

SRIB founding

Prof. Huang Zemin (speaker at AIRS meeting in April) mentioned that CAHPE was founded in 1984, and he was happy to see SRIB get founded because it would be a creative association in contributing to the health of Chinese people. Sport and exercise is a method to reach rehabilitation, which adheres closely to the mission of CAHPE.

Irene and Prof Li

In this event, AIRS, as a cooperation partner of SRIB, gave a formal introduction of its mission, scientific committee and AIRS meeting to be held on April 20-22, 2018. Dr. Zhao also called upon the guests to attend this meaningful event. Dr. Zhao herself will give a speech at that time.

Prof. Li Jianan and Irene Chen, AIRS Institute

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